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Anatomic fit

The drive and recovery phase of a rowing stroke contains a complex combination of body movements which impact directly on the effective shape of a rower's feet. Correctly designed rowing shoes, built with a true anatomic design, accomodate for these changes and allow supported movement of the foot while providing structural support, stability and improved injury prevention.

Forefoot cradle

Bont Rowing shoes are designed entirely around the shape of the human foot to create a more natural and planted position for increased stability, power and comfort. Our true anatomic forefoot shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and functionally correct position. With a more natural position and Bont Rowing's proven carbon forefoot cradle, the foot is supported in its endeavour to relax through the metatarsal joints for increased comfort during both the drive and recovery phase of the stroke.

Mid arch support

Structural arch support is provided across all models to stop over pronation and supination of feet. Instability is one of the main contributors to incorrect tracking of knees and unwanted hip rotation which can lead to discomfort and injury of the lower back. Properly supported feet produce a more stable and efficient stroke while assisting in correct tracking of the knees. This allows the pelvis to maintain a neutral position for supported and correct spinal positioning.

Carbon heel counter

The anatomical heel counter of Bont Rowing shoes is designed to comfortably lock the heel into place without additional mechanical operation or retention system. Featuring a tailored shape designed around the movements of the heel and achilles during the stroke, our heel counter delivers increased comfort. Say goodbye to hot spots, blisters and discomfort.

Split carbon sole

Bont Rowing shoes are built using the very best carbon fiber from Toray of Japan and feature a world-first split sole design with what we like to call the Sweet Spot Flex Zone. The carbon heel cup and forefoot design cradles the foot to provide optimal power transfer, reduced foot slop and easy, yet controlled flexion for a stable and comfortable catch.