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Harnessing over 40 years of high-performance design, manufacturing and experience in the field, Bont Rowing serves to create the world's best rowing shoes. Sharing the design and manufacturing expertise of the industry-leading Bont Cycling brand – renowned for science-based technical innovation – Bont Rowing understands the importance of materials for high-performance sport's footwear. Since launch, Bont Rowing shoes have already been worn to more than 100 medals at world level.

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I love the stability you get from the Bont rowing shoes, especially the connection and ability to really push off the footplate.

Tara Rigney Australian Rowing Team

The heel set allows me to apply full pressure to the footboard earlier in the drive, improving comfort and posture. I highly recommend the Drive QRS Heel sets, especially for those with limited ankle flexibility.

Sam Pringle - Captain Woman's Rowing UCT