Drive QRS Steering Plate
Drive QRS Steering Plate
Drive QRS Steering Plate


Drive QRS Steering Plate

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The Drive QRS- Steering plate adaptor by Bont Rowing is an easy solution to fit the Drive QRS24 Foot plate onto your current steering footplate. Compatible with most manufacturers Steering Plates, and all components of the Bont Rowing Drive QRS24. 

What is in the box:
  • Steering plate adaptor. The hole in the middle of the plate is designed to fit over the central bolt head of any manufacturers steering plate with a central bolt fixture.
  • Packing plate. This goes on the non-steering foot to ensure the rowers legs are driving off a level platform.
  • x8 11mm Flat head screws
    x8 16mm Counter sunk screws.
    x8 18mm Counter sunk screws.