Bont Rowing Shoe Technology

World’s Only Carbon Split-Sole Design

Bont Rowing shoes harness over 46 years of carbon fiber sole development to deliver a unique and innovative Sweet Spot Flex Zone.

Featured across the entire range, all BR series shoes utilize a rowing-specific carbon fiber heel counter (cup) and forefoot cradle for optimal power transfer while the Sweet Spot Flex Zone provides light and controlled flexion of the foot for a stable and comfortable catch.

Sweet-Spot Flex Zone

Located at the most effective bend point of the foot, the Sweet Spot Bend Zone bends with the foot, reduces foot roll through the stroke and guides movement for a more controlled, effortless catch and effortless row.

Anatomical Heel Counter

Our anatomically-correct heel counter (cup) maintains a secure hold on the heel to maximize comfort through the drive and recovery. Say goodbye to blisters, hot spots, foot cramps and enjoy a pain-free row session after session.

Achilles Cut Out

Heel connection and load are vital for the ultimate stroke, engaging your hamstring and gluteal muscles helps with force and control through the legs, pelvis and lower back. Bont Rowing brings you a carbon heel cup that supports your every stroke and moves with you.

Anatomical Forefoot Shape

Developed with the rower’s foot in mind, every pair of Bont Rowing shoes is specifically-built for rowing and is designed around the shape of a human foot. Our anatomical shaping allows the foot to sit more naturally inside the shoes during the drive and recovery phase for improved comfort, stability and efficiency. Our shoes don’t look like the others and that’s exactly why our shoes are trusted by the sport’s top athletes, schools and clubs – because there is no turning back once you experience the Bont Rowing difference.

Carbon Fiber Forefoot Cradle

Effective force transfer, more responsive steering, improved connection with your boat and your most comfortable row yet, the BR-series carbon fiber forefoot cradle also provides lateral support for more direct and precise steering control.

Tongueless Midfoot Wrap

Designed to adapted to a variety of foot shapes, the BR2 is built for natural movement along with quick entry and exit while the vented Durolite material delivered improves airflow and drainage.

Dual-Strap Lock-Down System

Safe, secure and reliable, the dual-strap lock-down system provides elite-level retention with the versatility and security of 3M Velcro for a suitable fit across all foot shapes.

Structural Arch Support

Every pair of Bont Rowing shoes is designed to support the foot across the transverse, lateral longitudinal and medial longitudinal arch for a more natural and stable position throughout the stroke. Bont Rowing shoes provide complete support of the entire foot for correct knee tracking, improved pelvis stability along with reduction in lower spine load.

It's only through entire arch support system that the foot can also play a reactive role in the energy transfer and force generated by the leg muscles as they push against the footboard.

Carbon Fiber Heel Cup

A strong heel and foot plate connection are vital for the ultimate stroke. Our carbon fiber heel cup provides a direct contact point so your hamstring and gluteal muscles can effectively activate and drive controlled force through the legs, pelvis and lower back.

Lateral Shoe Placement Adjustment

Bont Rowing shoes come with built in lateral adjustment so that you can attain the ideal position on the footplate. Obtaining the closest foot position in relation to your hips is crucial in maximising power through the drive and correct knee tracking.

sold separately

Adjustable Heel Set

The adjustable heel set by Bont Rowing is customisable to suit rowers of all flexibility levels. Compatible with all BR shoes and easily fitted via the pre-drilled installation port. Designed to provide extra stability at the catch through early heel connection and to utilise the body’s two largest and most powerful muscles – your glutes and hamstrings. Our heel set is essential for any rower looking to instantly increase their potential.

* The Adjustable Heel Set is is sold separately and is available for purchase via our Online Store and our Dealer Network.