Innersoles - Standard


Innersoles - Standard

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Note: Standard Innersoles are black, images provided are Pro (colored)

Produced in partnership with Australia's leading sports orthotics experts Cobra9, our new range of Standard and Pro innersoles deliver an even better row through tailored support for your feet.

Designed and manufactured in Australia and specifically shaped the unique (foot-shaped) profile of our shoes, the Standard innersoles have been created for every rower of every ability.

Built to withstand the harsh on-water environment, the Standard innersoles feature a carbon core wrapped with long lasting dual-density EVA foam for a more comfortable, supportive and controlled fit with improved power transfer.

Offered in three arch heights; low, medium and high, the Standard innersoles by Cobra9 deliver more evenly distributed peak forefoot pressure for greater stability and maintenance of correct knee tracking through the entirety of the stroke. Distribution of load across a larger surface area also assists in the reduction of hot spots and discomfort that can occur through improper support of the foot arch.

Each set of innersoles also includes metatarsal domes to support the transverse arch plus forefoot wedges for individual adjustment of the shoe volume across the forefoot area.

Unsure what arch height you need? The information below is a great starting point however, it's best to make this decision based off your specific requirements:

  • Low Arch Profile – Suitable for rowers with flat/low arches with significantly low foot flexibility (feet remain flat even when non weight bearing or when doing a calf raise).
  • Medium Arch Profile – Suitable for low arch feet that are flexible (the arch lifts when non weight bearing or during a calf raise). Also suitable for normal arch profile feet with normal foot flexibility.
  • High Arch Profile – Suitable for high arch feet and medium arch feet that are flexible.

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