Quick Release Installation

How to: Install Drive QRS Foot Plate

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS (Quick Release System) is designed to fit across all standard four-hole foot stretchers and can be installed using supplied hardware to both boat and shoes. The Drive QRS is compatible with the optional Drive QRS Angle Wedge (3.5-degrees) and Heel Set (3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift) which is included with all Drive QRS+ systems or available separately. The Drive QRS Steering Plate is also available separately.

The Bont Rowing Heel Set can be retrofitted to all Bont Rowing shoes using the instructions available here.

Note: The Drive QRS Shoe Plate is not designed for walking. Walking on the Drive QRS Shoe Plate while fitted to your shoes may damage the engagement system along with your shoes. FISA-approved heel ties, included with all Bont Rowing shoes must be used at all times.

Download the Drive QRS Foot Plate Installation Guide PDF.

Head to Bont Rowing for Safety Strap Maintenance.

Drive QRS includes

Foot Plate

2 x Drive QRS Foot Stretcher (left and right)
8 x M5, 11mm Countersunk screws (standard foot stretcher, Bakelite plate)
4 x M5, 14mm Counter Sunk Screws (foot stretcher and Angle Wedge installation, Bakelite plate)
8 x M5, 11mm Flat Head screws (standard foot stretcher, flat foot plate)
4 x M5, 14mm Flat Head Screws (foot stretcher and Angle Wedge installation, flat foot plate)
8 x Washers (foot stretcher)
8 x M5 nuts (foot Stretcher)

Shoe Plate

2 x Drive QRS Shoe Plates (left and right)
8 x M5, 10mm Flat Head screws (shoes)

QRS+ (Plus) also includes

1 x Complete Drive QRS kit as listed above
2 x Heel Set (kit includes 3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift)
2 x 18mm Countersunk Heel Set screws
2 x M5 T-Nuts (if for shoe conversion
2 x Angle Wedge plates (left and right)

Steering Plate includes

2 x Steering Plates

Tools needed

Note: Foot stretcher and existing system (if applicable) will need to be removed prior to installation of the Drive QRS. For blank foot stretchers, use this drill pattern template prior to installation.

Phillips Head Screwdriver
Torque wrench rated to 5nM

Step 1

The following instructions are for installation of the Bont Rowing Drive QRS Foot Plate. Prepare foot stretcher as shown and ensure all existing hardware is removed. The next section refers to installation of the Drive QRS Toe Wedge. If this is not being installed skip to Step 3.

Step 2

Locate the L and R for each respective side and place the logo face down onto the foot stretcher. The Toe Wedge should be positioned with the thickest part towards the far end of the stretcher. If you were sitting in the boat, this would be at the toe end of the stretcher (not heel end).

Check the stretcher and toe wedge drill holes are lined up. If not, check they are placed on the correct side with the logo face down. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Place the left and right Drive QRS Foot Plates as shown while checking the drill holes line up with the foot stretcher and Toe Wedges (if installed).

Take one M5 countersunk screw and place it through the back of the foot stretcher, Toe Wedge (if installed) and into the Foot Plate. If you have installed the Toe Wedge, keep in mind the different length screws required for the toe and heel ends of the stretcher. This is to accommodate the wedge thickness. Depending on the kit provided, you will need to install either the 11mm or 14mm counter sunk screw from the base side of the foot stretcher. Fit one M5 nut and screw the bolt into the Foot Plate and tighten to a maximum torque of 5nM. Once tight, check the bolt threads do not protrude beyond the end of the nut.

Repeat this process for the remaining holes while remembering the correct length bolt - guided by Toe Wedge installation.

Step 4

Re-install foot stretcher onto shell and get ready to row!